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Polyester film is a transparent sheet with high tensile strength that provides effective barrier for gas and aroma along with electrical insulation properties. It can be used in many types of packaging applications including food and drugs for both industrial and consumer goods. At Flexi Pack Polyester Film, we provide flexible, strong, and durable polyester film with unusual balance of properties that makes it suitable for many Industrial applications. We offer films of various microns for Packaging, Textiles, Industrial, Electrical, Labelling, Medical, Security and many more.

Polyester Films are divided into four categories

Plain/ Transparent
Polyester Film

We manufacture & export high quality Polyester films for Yarn, packaging and electrical applications.


Metalized Polyester

Metalized polyester films are excellent barriers for light, moisture, gases and aroma making them best suited
for lamination,


Lacquered Polyester Film

The Lacquered polyester films are widely used for producing variety of metallic yarn, gift wrapping and decoration.


Rainbow Film

We offer rainbow films made from high-grade polyester. These films are used for packaging of different items in industrial units.


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