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The M.X. Type yarn consists of M type yarn and Mono Filament polyester yarn. Mono Filament polyester yarn adds to strength of M type yarn. Durability and good tensile strength are some of the features that make our range of twisted yarns highly demanded in the market.

Leveraging on the world-class infrastructure, we have been able to meet the bulk requirements of our clients and have become a leading choice for Weaving, Flat and Circular Knitting markets.

We offer M.X. Type yarn in various colors, sizes and thickness to suit the demands of our customers.

Chemical Properties

Test method
test result
0. 5%(5 gr. Liter)soap (60ºc) 20 min. ok
Dry cleaning
Petroleum benzene 100% (20ºc) 30 min.

Perchloroethylene100% (20ºc) 30 min.

Trichloroethylene100% (20ºc) 30 min.
(135ºc) 15 sec. ok
Hot water
(70ºc) 30 min. ok
(100ºc) 10 min. ok
Sodium hydrosulphite gr. /liter (80ºc) 60 min.
not resistant

Soda ash 0. 5 gm/liter (80ºc) 60 min.
not resistant

Ph-9,20% hydrogen peroxide gm/liter (70ºc) 60 min.
not resistant

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