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Metallic yarn is composed of metal, plastic coated metal or metal coated plastic that is produced in different colors and specifications for various different uses. The common uses are upholstery fabric like brocade and lame, weaving anything for party wear, survival clothing, daily wear to cold weather clothing. These metallic yarns are woven, braided & knit to create fashionable fabrics or even twisted into further specialized fibers such as wool, nylon and synthetic blends that are used to create high quality end cloth or trim.

Metallic Yarn Products

M Type

These yarns are produced from slit metalized polyester films that are coated with metalized aluminum and protective epoxy resin.



We produce Twisted Yarns that are mainly used for weaving, flat and circular knitting. Durability and good tensile strength are some of.



Our Metallic Thread yarns meet the highest quality requirements of our clients that are ideal for creating sophisticated.



Mainly used for Embroidery,Weaving and Knitting. These colored space twisted yarn are gimped yarns where the metallic does not.


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